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The Product of Ongoing Sales Training

We have grown our capture rate by 10% where the industry average is 2%. Revenue per patient is at the top of our industry. Our revenues are up 28% from last year at this same time. Our sales numbers are awesome right now At a conference I recently attended, I was asked, ‘What are you doing?’ I answered, ‘We have a sales system that is very deliberate and intentional. We have a coach that has helped us implement this system and that is what has led to our success.’ The Ongoing Sales Training System Works!Kyle Tate, Owner, Insight Eye Care

“Clay, how do you keep your life in balance? You put in over 60 hours a week building your businesses, but you don’t seem stressed or burned out? What’s your secret? Well, I HAVE A SYSTEM!! I use it every day and I call it my Daily Steering Wheel and it keeps my days on the road to maximum productivity… EVEN WHEN “LIFE HAPPENS” AND I GET KNOCKED OFF MY SCHEDULE. The Daily Steering Wheel makes it very simple to get back on track once I’ve handled the problem.

Take a look through this presentation below, it will walk you through the steps I take every day!!!

I’ve worked with so many business owners that have become overwhelmed by the all the details of running their “dream company”.  It’s so sad to see them so discouraged in the vision that was supposed to bring so much hope.  Either they are struggling to get it up and going or, many times, their success is actually crushing them!  Over this last year, I’ve been able to encourage hundreds of business owners and CEO’s with this presentation on How To Administrate Your Vision.  Take a look and let me know if “someone you know” could use this!!

“Vision without Administration is Hallucination.”  Clay Staires

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